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AVGCI Institute unveils its first franchise in Latur: Pioneering media education in the heart of Maharashtra

Third from left: Sudhakar Sharungare

A momentous occasion unfolded in Latur, Maharashtra, as AVGCI Institute, a trailblazing multimedia training establishment, marked its official entry into the educational landscape. An initiative by the distinguished Rotomaker Group of Companies, AVGCI Institute promises to revolutionise the media and entertainment segment with its innovative approach and commitment to fostering skilled professionals. The institute’s grand inauguration on 20 August 2023, resonated with promises of transforming aspiring talents into industry-ready experts.

Latur, renowned as one of Maharashtra’s prominent educational hubs, stood as the perfect host for AVGCI Institute’s grand opening. Notably, Latur ranks as the second-largest educational hub in the state, making it an ideal destination for an institution dedicated to shaping the media and entertainment industry’s future. The institute’s presence in Latur is expected to nurture and channel the abundant talent in the region towards fulfilling careers in this dynamic sector.

The inauguration ceremony of AVGCI Institute

What sets AVGCI Institute apart are its distinctive and innovative offerings, designed to cater to the evolving needs of the media and entertainment industry. The institute’s unique emphasis on pipeline training ensures that students are equipped with a comprehensive skill set that mirrors industry requirements. The integration of real projects into the curriculum allows students to gain practical experience, bridging the gap between theory and practice effectively. In a bid to foster innovation, AVGCI Institute extends its support through incubation programs, creating an environment where students can transform their creative ideas into viable projects. The commitment to placement assistance ensures that graduates step into the professional world with confidence, ready to make an impact.

The inauguration ceremony was graced by eminent personalities who added a touch of prestige to the event. The honourable member of Parliament, Sudhakar Sharungare, attended as the guest of honour. In his inaugural address, Sharungare expressed his enthusiasm for AVGCI Institute’s establishment in Latur and pledged his unwavering support for the growth of the media and entertainment sector. Adding to the ceremony’s significance, Mike, the chairman of Rotomaker group of companies, presided as the chief guest. Mike conveyed his best wishes for the institute’s future endeavours and lauded its commitment to empowering students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the industry.

The inauguration of AVGCI Institute’s franchise in Latur stands as a monumental event, signifying not only the institute’s expansion but also its dedication to enriching the educational landscape of the region. With its visionary approach, AVGCI Institute is poised to empower a new generation of media and entertainment experts, catalysing the sector’s growth and development.

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