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Inside Basilic Fly Studio: A visionary journey of collaboration and market exploration

With a zeal to start his own VFX studio and leverage the opportunities presented by the rising demand for cost-efficient VFX services, Balakrishnan R founded Basilic Fly Studio in 2013..

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DNEG Group completes acquisition of Prime Focus Technologies

The DNEG Group has completed its acquisition of Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), a creator of AI-powered technology solutions for the M&E industry. PFT, which was previously a subsidiary of the Group’s parent company.

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Guest Column | Essential features to look out for when shopping for Mac-compatible monitors

For creative professionals who rely on Macs, the allure of an external monitor is undeniable. It promises an expanded workspace, potentially boosting productivity and enhancing your creative flow. But finding.

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UAE company to invest $200 million in DNEG

UAE’s United Al Saqer Group (UASG) is investing US$200 million in the VFX and animation major DNEG Group. As per DNEG, this investment enables it to innovate and diversify, and.

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Dimension Studio partners with Arch Platform Technologies and AWS to expand cloud-based visual production capabilities

Real-time production company, Dimension Studio, announced that they are partnering with Arch Platform Technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand their global visualisation, virtual production, and content creation services.

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