Flipside XR launches a virtual production studio app to help creators create animated content

Flipside XR is launching the virtual production studio app Flipside Studio on its mission to empower content creators to express themselves through engaging video creations with tools and resources that haven’t been available until now.

The unique and comprehensive Flipside Studio app equips creators with real-time motion capture and production tools and assets to create professional animated content using a Meta Quest 2, Rift or Rift S virtual reality (VR) headset. Content created with Flipside Studio can be livestreamed or recorded, edited and shared across all major video-based social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and TikTok. 

Packed with useful features for creators of all experience levels, the versatile app gives creators the tools to produce solo projects or work with teams on virtual sets equipped with the characters, environments, lighting, cameras and props they need to create freely. Flipside Studio offers nearly 100 different virtual production features, including: 

  • Custom Characters – Users can choose from multiple in-app pre-loaded characters or customize their own avatars through the Ready Player Me integration. 
  • Sets and props – Creators can choose from a variety of sets and hundreds of props available in-app.
  • Multiple Cameras and Angles – Multiple virtual cameras can be positioned, placed and moved as users like, allowing for dynamic camera angles and even camera movement speeds.
  • Professional Production Tools – Virtual cameras, teleprompters, lights, and 1080p output with casting to the Flipside Broadcaster app are just a few of the tools available to creators. 
  • Single or Multi-User Productions – Creators can collaborate in the same sets simultaneously from one or multiple locations – or even create a solo production with multiple characters by layering motion recordings together in-app.
  • Flipside Creator Tools – More advanced features can be found through the app’s free Unity plug-in that gives experienced creative teams the ability to upload fully customized environments, characters and props. 

Flipside Studio’s release follows extensive testing and feedback from thousands of content creators and technologists who have been using a free early access version since 2020.

“With Flipside Studio on both the Quest and Rift platforms, improved usability, and a ton of new features added in since our early access version, we can’t wait to see how users take advantage of the tools and what they’re able to create. Creators can easily produce innovative, professional animated content that can be monetized across their social media channels offering endless opportunities to share original, engaging content with their audiences,” said Flipside XR CEO and co-founder Lesley Klassen.
The Flipside Studio app is available for free on the Meta Quest 2, Rift and Rift S VR headsets via The Meta Quest Store.