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Following launch in Mumbai, EIZO MD Rohan Chahande talks about its high-end monitors and plans for India market

Eizo's Mumbai office
EIZO’s Mumbai office

With the increasing demand for high-quality content, it has become essential to have the best of the team and products to bring to life the visual spectacles. For that, an essential part is played by monitors, as only through its precision and capabilities to produce a genuine gamut of colours, will it bring justice to the content being produced/edited that is consumed by masses. Thus, there’s been a huge demand for colour calibrated monitors, especially in the VFX, animation and photography market.

One such company in the business of high-end monitors and LCD displays is the Japanese visual technology company known as EIZO. The company provides monitors to several industries – media and entertainment, medical, Air Traffic Control (ATC), businesses and others. EIZO recently launched and inaugurated its subsidiary company EIZO Private Limited in Mumbai. The establishment of this wholly-owned subsidiary marks Eizo’s 11th overseas sales office and solidifies its position as a leading global provider of high-end visual solutions. 

“We believe that our visual technologies can contribute to solving and improving India’s challenges,” said EIZO Private Limited director Masato Nakashima at the inauguration ceremony of the Mumbai office. “One of our recent accomplishments was winning an Academy Award for Scientific and Technologies just a few weeks ago. This proves how high our technology can reach in various ways. We have the best technology, and we can apply it to each individual market as per their needs. We also believe that there are many similarities between Indian and Japanese people, such as honesty, respect, and passion. Although Japanese people may not be good at showing their passion, we are really passionate about our work. All the members of our team are passionate people, and we hope to have your support.” 

Eizo Mumbai office launch
EIZO’s wholly-owned subsidiary EIZO Private Limited’s inaugration ceremony

Animation Xpress got an opportunity to interact with EIZO Private Limited managing director Rohan Chahande to learn about the kind of products they offer and their plans for India.

The company decided to spread its wings in India back in 2021 but the idea was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In April 2023, the company finally launched its subsidiary in Mumbai. Even before that, EIZO products were being used in several industries in India, one of them being its ColorEdge series.

EIZO’s ColorEdge series is widely being used in the animation and VFX industries. These monitors are created by the company’s dedicated R&D team which is based in Japan.

Rohan Chahande

“The ColorEdge series has built-in calibrated colour navigators which automate the entire workflow of a studio/editor as artists don’t have to spend time in adjusting their monitors for colour precision. The monitors have in-built Colour Management Software which helps to create customised colour profiles to switch between workflows,” said Chahande about the monitors which won the Academy of Motion Pictures’ Sci-Tech award.

Talking further about its monitor’s usage, Chahande stated that EIZO’s screens are also used in virtual production from time to time. “It depends on what kind of screen the studio wants to use. As virtual production and Unreal Engine require high-end colour calibrated displays to get a professional output, we have made our product line to support the new workflow accordingly.”

This ColorEdge series of monitors is being used by international studios like Technicolor, Double Negative, ILM and other animation and VFX studios who are working for Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood film industries.

The company is looking to forge its way among the Indian animation and VFX studios – be it entry level, mid-sized or the big studios – along with artists and individuals. EIZO offers products ranging from mid to high range. Chahande believes that creative companies are willing to pay a suitable amount for the right product which they are offering.

EIZO has plans to further market the product in India. Chahande said, “We will be engaging in a lot of ATL and BTL activities. Now-a-days, influential programs are more helpful, so we will onboard influencers and also target segment specific audiences.”

Although the company’s strong verticals are creative and healthcare, it emphasises on keeping a 360° focus for its products. With EIZO’s products already being sold in more than 120 countries, the addition of India to its target regions reinforces its commitment to its customers and its global expansion strategy.