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Netflix partners with Golden Horse Masterclass Program for in-depth colour grading workshop

In Netflix’s first partnership with Taiwan’s Golden Horse Masterclass Program, Netflix APAC Production Solutions director Kevin Kang recently hosted nearly 200 creatives and colourists for an in-depth colour grading masterclass. The Golden Horse Master Class Studio was initiated in 2019 to cultivate and elevate technical skills within the local film industry.

“I am honoured to be invited to participate in this year’s Golden Horse Masterclass program. All the participants are industry professionals, and I hope that through my sharing, they would gain a better understanding on colour grading as well as on partnering with global streaming platforms. We look forward to bringing more outstanding and quality works from Taiwan to the global audience,” said Kang.

Eye of the Storm post-production supervisor Vicki Tsai was thankful for the opportunity to participate in the masterclass. He shared, “Kang shared many insightful principles and approaches on colour grading and post-production, explaining the workflow in simple terms. We now have a deeper understanding of the importance of this detailed process, which will help raise the standards of post-production to new heights.”

“Kang’s sharing of his experience was extremely helpful to me and the entire post-production industry. He also emphasised that all communication and efforts in post-production should centre around the essence of the content itself. We now also have a better understanding of the practices in the international film and television industry,” said cinematographer Tao Chien.

Titled “Unlocking Visual Excellence: Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Visual Quality,” Kang’s masterclass focused on practical tips, fostering interaction among local post-production professionals, and covered a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of colour grading, tips on communicating with colourists, as well as post-production specifications for global streaming platforms.