Digikore Studios launches ‘Kaise Banta Hai’ showcasing brands’ manufacturing excellence on Jio Cinema

Pune-based content production and post-production company Digikore Studios has released the premiere episode of its latest show Kaise Banta Hai on Jio Cinema. The episode features brands like Titan Eye+, Taneira and Sesa Care, spotlighting the advanced technology, stringent quality control, and careful management required to manufacture their products.

Digikore Studios CEO and founder Abhishek More said, “Through glimpses into diverse factories coupled with an engaging host-led narrative, each episode promises an eye-opening journey that will change how audiences view everyday objects around them. We are excited to create a viewing experience that informs and entertains, helping brands drive awareness around their manufacturing excellence.”

Inspired by global hits like How It’s Made and Megafactories, Kaise Banta Hai offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the intricate processes behind producing familiar household brands. This format provides brands with a unique 10-minute marketing showcase – equivalent to 60 seconds of traditional advertising – to foster enduring exposure and traction across digital platforms. Kaise Banta Hai aims to cultivate deeper consumer connections by unravelling the mysteries and workmanship behind regular items.